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Bought a house with an inground grecian pool about 20,000gal. Removed cover on saturday and found a lot of green algae on the bottom and halfway up walls. the water itself was clear. local store suggested 15gal chlorine and revive. I skimmed the top yesterday. I'm ready to vacuum but don't know that there is a waste output in the plumbing. I'm fearful if i vacuum when filter is in discharge it'll clog up the filter? There is a hose bib above the pump, can't imagine that is the waste output? Help me understand where I can vacuum to waste in this system. Also the previous owner has the main drain closed. Can I keep this closed to prime and vac? Pentair whisper flo 3/4 HP Pentair FNS Plus 48 DE filter Pentair Intellichlor saltwater chlorine generator
Category: pool Post By: ROSE REED (Knoxville, TN), 02/08/2019

You can't vacuum to waste with your setup. Sorry. The hose spigot between the pump and the filter will let some pool water exit before the filter, but not all of it. It's probably there to make a handy way to lower the water level during huge rain storms. You have a push-pull backwash valve. Normal runs dirty water to the outside of the grids in the filter and clean water goes from the insides of the grids back to the pool. Backwash runs pool water backwards through the grids and pushes (theoretically) the caked DE off the grids and out the bottom waste port. Trying to vacuum in backwash will fill the grids with sludge that you'll never be rid of. You're just going to have to accept that you'll be backwashing a lot while you're clearing the swamp. When it's all done, then you might consider breaking down the filter and giving the grids a good cleaning to establish your baseline clean pressure

- DANA RIOS (Rialto, CA), 03/30/2019

Understood. The previous owner has a pool vac and hose, don't know how they used it or whether they even used it. They have a dolphin cleaner. For winterization they closed the main drain, during the season they had it open. With the algae sitting at the bottom in deep end, ok to open up the main drain for the initial startup?

- SYLVIA HARPER (Asheville, NC), 04/11/2019

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