Forum Title: Switching to Z-Media in Sand Filter
Good morning. I am planning on using a form of Z-Media this year once I open the pool. I see that you have to backwash the filter multiple times once adding the Z-Media to remove the dust, etc. My question is this....generally when I open the pool I have a bit of algae growth. If I am backwashing, won't this be drawing dirty water from the pool, causing difficulty to tell when the site glass is clear? One point I might add is that I do not currently have any sand in my filter. I removed it when I closed the pool last year. Thanks. Mark
Category: pool Post By: Lesley Ford (West Palm Beach, FL), 02/20/2019

Welcome, Mark! Unless your water is a viscous sludge, I doubt you'll even see the tint through the sight glass. Before you go spending big bucks on sand replacements, take a minute to use the search box up in the right corner for Zeosand or Zeolite and see what others have experienced. Also worth a look: My findings on how not all sand is created equal

- SERGIO STEVENSON (North Richland Hills, TX), 04/18/2019

I agree with Richard, do a little more research before you spend the bucks to Z-Media. Generally what people think of as filter problems end up being chemistry problems. Have you been following TFP guidelines? If not, as part of your research check,out Pool school and check out the FC/CYA relationship as well as information on stabilized chlorine vs non-stabilized. Welcome to TFP!

- JENNIE SHARP (Lancaster, CA), 04/09/2019

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