Forum Title: Opening taking forever. 4 weeks now and still cloudy...
I had this problem last year but I figured it was more because I was opening the pool in the middle of august with heat than a problem with the pool itself. I started the opening process early this year (beginning of March) and got the PH to 7.6 with a CYA of 30. I've been keeping the FC at 15-16. I'm showing an overnight loss of between 1-3 FC depending on the pollen that day. Brush at least every other day. If I don't brush I can see very fine debris accumulate on the bottom of the shallow end and then I vacuum to the filter instead of brushing. I can now see the deep end which is great, but I'm not happy with the amount of time this takes... I can't help but wonder if the pump or pipes are too small to circulate enough water to make the process shorter. Or maybe the sand filter should be cracked open and checked on the inside? The pressure is always under 10psi on the filter unless I add DE. If I add DE to bring up the pressure by 1psi, in anywhere from 2-5 hours I'm up to 25psi. Anyone have any advice on how to make my equipment more efficient? Anyone have any advice on anything more I can do to shorten the process? Personally I think the sand is old and needs to be replaced. I've owned the house for 8 years and I've no idea how old the sand is. here are some pictures of the equipment.
Category: pool Post By: A. O. Smith (New York City, NY), 02/02/2019

I would do a deep clean of your sand filter. Here is a link:Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter I am not seeing any unions so you will need to get some and plan on installing them for now and the future. I would go ahead and add them to your pump as well. That means you need a total of 5. Here is what they might look like:pvc unions - Google Search The DE pushing your pressure up shows that it is helping. I would keep doing it as often as you can. We will have to think about how to keep your from having to do this every year. Once we get it clear maybe we can go over your closing process. Kim

- DORA DAWSON (Reading, PA), 04/15/2019

I agree with Kim. A good deep cleaning might serve you well. Sand should last as long as the filter itself unless someone added chemicals that would have altered the sands composition. Your plumbing looks fairly straight-forward. Most common sized PVC is probably 2 - 2.5 inches in size, but that shouldn't effect too much if all you have to pump to are the return jets. You have a good 2 speed/1.5 HP pump. So I think you're on-track with a SLAM. But keep in mind with a CYA of 30, the SLAM level is an FC of 12. Slightly over is okay, but too far over only wastes bleach. Once your CC stay below .5, and the water is clear, then it may be time to try an OCLT. Until then, patience is the best medicine .... along with Maintaining the FC.

- BECKY ROJAS (Topeka, KS), 04/10/2019

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