Forum Title: Jack's Magenta and then AA treatment?
Good morning all - I put this here as we have just opened the pool and FC is 0 and Ph around 6 SWG is not runnung at the moment as we have a huge stain in the bottom between the drains - most likely from tannins in oak and other biologic debris Yesterday I dumped in 2 bottles of Magenta - cloudy and some stains gone but the big one remains. The pool is just a wee bit cloudy still. I didn't do the AA because I hoped the Magenta would work and, we want to shock and then get FC up and chemicals balanced. Planning to do AA today - is this ok to do 24 hours after the Jack's Magenta? We plan to shock on Saturday and then wash filter on Sunday. Is this a good plan that will balance out in a few days? Thanks Maggie
Category: pool Post By: MATTIE REEVES (Las Cruces, NM), 02/19/2019

Yes, AA after Jacks is fine. But, if the stain is organic it won't really help. Organic stains need elevated chlorine levels and lots of brushing.

- SHIRLEY ROBINSON (Paterson, NJ), 04/15/2019

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