Forum Title: I have a leak. Anyone have suggestions for a NH pool outfit?
Hi All- I have been lurking around for quite some time and finally signed up. First and foremost, I appreciate all the awesome knowledge to be had on this forum! My wife and I moved into our new house last fall. This was my first time opening an IG pool but it went pretty well after learning the basics here. It was a dark swamp and in 5 days I had it cleared up following the SLAM method. Now I found yesterday I am losing about 300 GPD. I have tried dye checking around the returns, skimmer, light, steps, etc. Nothing detected. I have noticed that the screws that hold the returns on were loose in some places and there is a slight gap behind the flange if that makes any sense? I do not know if this could be a leak path or not as I am a bit of a newb. I do have a solar cover on it and the temps have been in the 50's, I doubt it is evaporation for about an inch of loss... I had the returns and skimmer plugged overnight, I still lost about the same amount. My next step I plan on doing is getting the pump fired back up and running it for 24 hrs to see if water loss rate changes at all. Maybe it is a stretch, but I was thinking possibly a suction side leak in the piping could actually slow the loss if the pump were running the whole time. My liner does not look too good, quite a few wrinkles here and there. She is past her prime for sure. Long story long, does anyone have any suggestions for a reputable pool contractor in Seacoast area NH? Also, what should I expect to pay for various services? We hadnt really planned on having to do the liner..and we may not, I just dont know yet. But what would an average replacement liner cost to have installed for my 16x32? Thanks in advance or any input!
Category: pool Post By: BETH CHAMBERS (Portland, ME), 02/21/2019

Snowman, first let me say hello and welcome to TFP! A welcome a bit overdue. We were holding back to see if anyone would chime-in from your area with a suggestion for repair. Figured by now this post needed a bump for more visibility. Glad to hear you did your first SLAM successfully. I'm thinking though that if you tried plugging the returns and skimmer and still lost water, then the leak must be at the drain or somewhere in the liner. Regardless, I hope you are able to get some assistance quickly. Again, welcome to TFP. We're happy you found us and hope we can be of assistance in the future. Have a nice day/weekend.

- DANA RIOS (Fort Collins, CO), 04/12/2019

Hi there, first off I don't have an inground pool myself, but see lots of pools here in Stratham. The folks I see around all the time I northern Pool and spa. I have to figure, they must be okay if alot of folks use them.... Sorry I don't have any personal experience with an inground, but I do have a great experience with White mountain pool and spa in Dover. They installed my above ground and have been great while I am learning to take care of it. Hope this helps a little bit

- BECKY ROJAS (Topeka, KS), 03/22/2019

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