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Hi, Last summer was the first year as new above ground pool owners. To get winter ready we drained as we were supposed to, put all filters, etc away and covered. Earlier this year the cover blew off and now the water is horrible looking, dirty, nasty. We figured we would just drain, clean and start over but I have been told by some friends that we don't need to do that. My question is what do we need to do to get it clean without draining? Thanks for your time.
Category: pool Post By: ERIC F (Tulsa, OK), 02/20/2019

Hello and welcome to TFP! Typically, when someone comes to us with a water problem, we guide them with a coupe very simple concepts: 1 - You must have your own (proper) test kit and take charge of your own pool; it's NOT hard at all 2 - Take a little time to read our Pool School page and related information on the ABCs of Water Chemistry to get a basic understanding From there, we can help you learn to test your water, and maintain it with relatively simple products saving you time and money. Most importantly YOU own the pool and what goes in it. SO the first thing you would need is the right test kit. We recommend either the TF-100 or Taylor K-2006. Both are outstanding products, but you'll see a little more value with the TF-100. In my sig below is a link for SLAM. That page is what will inevitably be required to clear your water of algae. Generally that is done without draining water unless the CYA (your stabilizer) level is too high - something that typically happens from using pool store chlorine tablets and bags of shock.. But your test set results will tell us that. It may seem like a lot of info at first, but with the test set it all makes sense quickly. Look around the TFP site and see what the pages have to offer. Read some testimonials here about people who have taken charge of their pool and you'll see you can do it as well. Let us know if you have any questions. Great to have you with us.

- DEBORAH CLARK (Yuma, AZ), 04/13/2019

What size is your pool? What state is Melrose in. Please add it to your profile

- DIANE TORRES (Abilene, TX), 03/23/2019

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