Forum Title: First Closing/Opening TFP Method
Hello all. Glad to be back here and I see the forum is buzzing! Overall I have had a pretty uneventful opening this season since closing the pool last season according to the advice given here. But have a few questions regarding my opening test results. The water was a tad cloudy right after opening but after topping off, adjusting FC, pH, TA, brushing and running the filter for a few hours the clarity and sparkle was back. Closing tests results: Early November FC 16 CC 0 (taken prior to raising to shock level) pH 7.2 TA 90 CH 225 CYA 40 Salt 1700 Borate 50 Opening test results: Mid May FC 3 CC 0 pH 7.4 TA 50 CH 100 CYA 0 Salt 1200 Borate 15 Ammonia 0 The water was not circulated prior to testing but I did brush a bit. Is the drop in CH, CYA and Borate expected in a covered pool over about 7 months?
Category: pool Post By: Nick L (Tuscaloosa, AL), 02/10/2019

I think you should circulate and then test ... what is the point of brushing if you are not filtering it out? Snow and rain would certainly dilute the CH and borates and CYA

- ELLEN MUNOZ (Sandy Springs, GA), 04/12/2019

I bushed prior to filtering to mix the water a bit to see what the condition of my water was after 7 months of sitting under a cover. No water from rain or snow infiltrated the cover as the water level was the same 2 below the inlet.

- ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 04/03/2019

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